It won't take long for some enterprising company to connect these cameras to an AI system using facial and gait recognition to catalog our movements.

SFPD Can Now Access Surveillance Cameras Across the City Without a Warrant

Pentagon CAUGHT Running MASSIVE Psyop Bot Farm | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

COVERUP: Fauci, China, Harvard Suppressed Lab Leak | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Unser Straßenfest - zunächst als Versammlung anerkannt - zeigt, wie die Straße sein kann, wenn Menschen statt Autos die Hauprolle spielen: Bunt, verbindend und friedfertig.

Die hat inzwischen die Versammlung für beendet erklärt und gekesselt.


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There are three kinds of travelers.

Those who use and contribute to #openstreetmap.

Those who just use openstreetmap.

And those who don't use it :(

If you belong in the second group, let me introduce you to #vespucci and #streetcomplete.

Sinema's SHAMELESS Wall Street Giveaway In Biden Bill | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

I often fear that people in the modern world are too pacified and enslaved to their comfort to resist the evil powerful forces. One example is in personal technology. Most people I meet who know that the tech they are using is abusing them horribly still won't change any of it even when the beautiful alternatives are made available to them. Those of us who have done the reboot and ripped out the wires in our heads are the ones who will change things in the future.

Wealth is a zero sum game. "Wealth Creation" is a phrase I always view with suspicion when someone says it. For whom?

Microsoft Windows is tyranny at work. I tried to install an update to and Defender Smartscreen blocks it.

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