I have been saying this for decades. James does a great job explaining it.

Big Food is QUIETLY Killing Us

@Some_Emo_Chick I want to die on a hill in Big Sur and let the hungry condors, coyotes, and other creatures eat me. It will be my last act of defiance against the state.

The heady side of me appreciates the thoughtful videos created by Academy of Ideas. Here is the latest. invidious.namazso.eu/watch?v=h

I often read or hear people going on about the evils of social media. Social media is one of our best tools to share and discuss ideas. Before we had it, we had mainly a one way flow from news publishers to us without an effective way to publicly question and discuss. I love social media but not the government, AI, and corporate controlled platforms most people are still using. I wish anybody ranting about social media would make this important distinction.

This esim looks like a great solution for people who want their handset regularly connected to cell towers but don't want their every movement tracked and sold. invisv.com/pgpp/ One can transfer phone number to a service like VOIP.ms.

I generally stopped using SIM cards long ago. I have a burner SIM from Mint that I turn on when away from WIFI only when needed. I will stick with this for now since I don't even want to have an anonymous presence on their map.

It is that time of year when our figs are ripening and I go to war with the squirrels who will eat all of them if I don't keep a good watch. After whacking one with a ho today, he jumped at me and left some decent scratches. I live to fight another day.

@znk Yeah before all the centralization, advertising, and AI took over.

@znk At least the EU acknowledges the fediverse exists and actually has an account. The US gov and media seems to have a strategy of hiding it from sight for fear that people will switch off of their networks.

@sean This good video explains how moderation is superior and anonymous users are not a problem in the fediverse. invidious.esmailelbob.xyz/watc

I assume it would work fine. That model is more designed to be a simple desktop computer, but I think it is just a RPI 4 with a special case that includes a keyboard.

I almost never watch TV, but I am excited to see Westworld season 4 return. It cleverly dances around the world of megatech, data politics, and human slavery that we live in today. The new season is returning closer to Aldous Huxley's Brave New World: one of my favorite books.

@RTP I just recovered from my first lab leaked disease. If you are lucky like me, it is milder than a cold. The isolation from loved ones was the worst part.

@rysiek This could have been done in the US long ago the way other countries have done: gas taxes
People are confused when I tell them $6 gas is still quite cheap. The last time I regularly drove a car about a decade ago, I paid $10.

Families efficiently travelling like this was a common sight when I was in SE Asia. Contrast that with roads filled with single occupancy SUV's where I live now. Sad thing is that these people will be the ones to suffer sinking cities and wet bulb temperatures caused by the people who live in the north.

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